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New developments supported by innovation management: metallically sealing cock valve, 4-fold eccentric flap, auxiliary drive actuator (Source: tti)

cross-clustering - Interdisciplinary collaboration between SMAB and INPLAS

The SMAB cluster and the INPLAS e.V. competency network located in Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, cooperate in the development of new products and assemblies of industrial fittings using new operating principles and technologies.

The project aims to coordinate research and development activities in order to develop tailor-made services in the field of innovation management for companies that develop and build customer-specific industrial fittings. Complementary competences and contacts of the cooperation partners will yield synergies leading to an accelerated and successful transfer of the new technical developments to the market.

The technical developments which are to be accompanied by innovation management in this project concern the area of industrial fittings with the three product groups “metallically sealing cock valve”, “4-fold eccentric flap” and “auxiliary drive actuator”, in particular for applications in the chemical industry as well as transport and storage of natural gas.
The project is technically risk-based and aims to initiate the R&D-compliant development of innovative process and production technologies for industrial fittings.