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Since the SMAB cluster Saxony-Anhalt was founded in 2008, the philosophy aimed to build up a virtual enterprise with all necessary departments of a concern structure to decrease the structural disadvantages of the SME’s in their industrial sector compared to large companies through a holistic service offer.

The main objective of the SMAB cluster Saxony-Anhalt is to improve the domestic and international competitiveness of member companies by promoting cooperation within the network.

More than 4,000 actors from science and industry play an active role in the dynamic development of the special purpose machine and plant engineering sector and the promotion of Saxony-Anhalt as an investment and technology location.

The cluster’s main objectives in the coming years are the creation and development of industry-oriented technology platforms for the further development of key technologies and the promotion of the federal state’s innovation strategy.
SMAB enjoys partnerships with a number of complementary industry clusters including the Medical and Health Care Technology, Network Nutrition, Automotive, Chemicals/Plastics, and Renewable Energy networks in the region.

Since its foundation, the cluster management has successfully contributed to:

  • promoting this sector on a transregional level,
  • integrating companies of the sector into the cluster work on a broad base,
  • supporting companies with their innovations,
  • promoting the settlement and growth of companies,
  • helping companies in human resource issues, and
  • supporting the knowledge and technology transfer from science into the companies.